Welcome at the University of Arts in Tirana

University of Arts is the only public institution of higher education with artistic character in Albania, which offers University degree in Music, Fine Arts and Dramatic Arts

Founded in 1966, Higher Institute of Art brought together three artistic institutions: the State Conservatory of Tirana, the School of Fine Arts and Higher School of Actors “Alexander Moisi”. In 1990, along with changes in the education system, Higher Institute of Arts was raised at the level of University and was named the "Academy of Arts." University of Arts was established on the basis of the Academy of Arts, while maintaining unchanged the structure of the Faculties, by DCM no. 234, dated 23.03.2011.

University of Arts consists on three faculties:
-Faculty of Music
-Faculty of Fine Arts
-Faculty of Scenic Arts

Its main purpose is to provide professional higher education and creative activities in the field of arts and culture, deepen the professional qualifications and senior scientific specialist in the field of arts and culture, as well as contributing to raising the standards of democracy and civilization. All the way over 40 years of the University of Arts has been a systematic way of increasing specialization, as in recent years the implementation of the Bologna Process.

Admissions to the University of Arts proceeds only through competition, whose criteria have their specifics about the required expertise. Currently in its auditors study 947 students, who are led by a teaching staff of 386 assistants, pedagogues, associate professors and professors, of whom 127 are full time professors.

The teaching corps and associates of Faculties are well-known personalities as musicians, painters, sculptors, theater movie or television directors, actors, stage- designers and choreographers - with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge. Most of them have received artistic awards for their special contributions and creative work.

The premises of the University of Arts, such as studios, ateliers, lecture halls, Big Concert Hall, "Cesk Zadeja" Hall, Experimental Theatre "Black Box", Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Library, create an interactive relationship, where students have the opportunity to study in a specialized environment and to be engaged in creative work. The artists prepared in this institution constitute a generating force in Albanian cultural life.

Relationships with Schools and Academies of Art in Europe and beyond, being affiliated to the International Organization of Institutions of Art as well as active participation in activities of international workshops have contributed to the introduction and use of new methods of teaching.

Strengthening of institutional relationships with European Universities and Academies of Art is one of the priorities of the current stage of the University of Arts.

University of Arts
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